Your Guide to Hawaii Slang

Word Meaning
Aloha Hello, goodbye, love
Bugga A person who is up to no good
Buss Up Broken, falling apart
Chi Chi Boobies
Cockaroach To steal
Faka Term of endearment
Gunfunit God damn it
Hammajang Messed up
Hawaiian Time Add 30 minutes to an hour to normal standard time
HCC Honolulu Community College
Hele Hurry up
HPD Honolulu Police Department
Kahuna Hawaiian priest
Kama'aina Resident of Hawaii
Lolo Dumbass, idiot, stupid
Mahalo Thank you
Moi Moi Sleep
Moke Big local dude
Pakalolo Weed
Pau Finish
Pilau Stink
Popo Grandmother
Shi Shi Urinate
Spam Musubi Hawaiian delicacy made from the finest pork by products
UH University of Hawaii
Wahine Woman, girl, female